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“Our AC went out at like 10:30 pm and we called to leave a message. They called us back THAT night & put us on the schedule & they were here by 9am the next morning. That’s impressive.

Jennifer Bailey

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“Called at 9 AM to report no cooling. Jeff arrived around 10 and the problem was fixed by 10:30. Very knowledgeable, professional, and quick.”

Tom Mitchell

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Ensure comfort and efficiency with our expert air conditioning and heating services.

Discover unparalleled comfort and savings with Aire Serv’s heating and cooling solutions. 

You can confidently trust Aire Serv for exceptional heating and cooling solutions that enhance your home or business’s health, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Is your HVAC system making strange noises or not working properly? Call us now for fast and affordable repair services.

Are you tired of overpaying HVAC contractors? Are you worried about unlicensed and uninsured contractors? When it comes to your HVAC system, you should ensure that your investment is safe as it’s one of the most expensive appliances in your home. It is a complex network of mechanical parts, cooling electronics, refrigerant fluids, & ductwork. We provide residential AC repair services in Randolph County to meet your specific needs, whether you need to replace your air conditioner, repair your heater, or a new HVAC system designed for your home. Aire Serv can provide a range of products and services to transform your comfort and experience.

Signs That You Require HVAC Contractor Services

You can avoid costly AC installation or re pair services by identifying minor issues before they become major ones. In other words, you should identify the signs to replace or repair your HVAC system. 1) Airflow Variation A frequently changing airflow can indicate that you need an AC replacement , whether you notice that your AC isn’t as cold as it used to be or that its flow is slower than usual. 2) Increased Energy Costs Is your monthly energy bill steadily rising? A decrease in your HVAC’s efficiency indicates that it requires repair. Energy bill fluctuations are common during seasonal changes and indicate the presence of a leak in your home. 3) Less Lifespan Your air conditioner has a lifespan, and repairs will no longer keep it running. Most HVAC systems last between eight and ten years before requiring replacement. Annual furnace maintenance may extend the system’s life, but only a few years. 4) Smell & Noise Have you noticed any unusual noises or odors coming from your HVAC system? Any clanging, banging, or rattling indicates that repairs are required. HVAC systems can emit odors, but if the machinery smells hot or your house smells like a dirty sock, you should get it repaired. Repairing and planning routine maintenance can help you keep your monthly bills low. 5) Excessive Humidity Or Dust If you notice more dust than usual or moisture buildup in your home, you may have an HVAC problem. All this indicates that your HVAC system and ducts require cleaning.

Advantages Of Hiring HVAC Contractors

You should trust your HVAC system with an experienced, licensed AC repair professional. We understand the significance of delivering high-quality work to ensure that your HVAC system operates efficiently at all times. Consider the following advantages of hiring professional contractors to perform cooler and heater maintenance : 1) Cost-Cutting Measures One of the primary benefits of hiring a professional furnace repair contractor in Randolph County is to save a lot of money. You can relax knowing the job is done right the first time without any extra services. 2) Professional Expertise Another benefit of hiring a professional furnace repair contractor is that you will have access to professionals who regularly go through special training and hold certifications required by local regulations. Aire Serv provides heater maintenance services to customers in New Salem, NC. 3) Safety First Attempting to work on your air conditioning unit without proper training can be risky. You will have peace of mind knowing that our professional HVAC contractors use the latest methods to maximize safety while working on your system. 4) Immediate Service Choosing professional HVAC contractors is one of the best choices if you need immediate service. These experts can quickly identify any issues and get your system back up and running as soon as possible.

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Hiring professional HVAC contractors has numerous advantages. Aire Serv is one of the leading companies that work on HVAC systems for clients in Randolph County. The priority of Aire Serv is to provide professional heater repair services with a focus on customer support. Please contact us at 910-370-8388 if you have any questions about our heating, cooling, air, water heater, air quality, or ductwork services.

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New Salem is an unincorporated community in Union County, North Carolina, United States. It is located northeast of Monroe, at the intersection of NC 205 and NC 218. Home of Polk Mountain which is the southernmost high peak of the Uwharrie Mountains at 861 feet (262 m) at the peak. New Salem is also the home of Eastview Speedway located on NC 205.

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